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Associated Professionals Picture We are proud to work with the following associated professionals and companies to provide a wider range of services to our customers and to supplement our own technical expertise when the job demands it:





Rap-ID Corporation
(Identification of organic, inorganic and metallic contamination particles with their contract testing service and Raman Single Paricle Explorer System)

 InQuest Science (Expert data management systems for particle and defect tracking in the parenteral, medical device and bio-pharma industries)

Mr. Russell Madsen, The Williamsburg Group

Uhlmann (vision-systems for 100% in-line quality control)

Each of our associated professionals and companies is a highly professional and positive force in their own right. We have years of experience working together on a wide variety of assignments and have deeply trusting relationships with all of them.

Please get to know our associated professionals better, by clicking on a name.


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