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Jim, Ferdinando, Margit, Greg, Roy, 

Jim, Ferdinando, Margit, Greg, Roy            Doreen


When you work with BAI, you get the full and undivided attention of one of our partners for the duration of the job. We are not a mill - as partners we handle each and every job, from first contact through quotation, assignment planning, execution, follow-up, and billing. Each of our partners has led a highly successful career in the global pharmaceutical/medical device industry, with more than 20 years experience in various aspects of manufacturing management. We all work well in teams, both as leaders and participants. Together, we cover all areas of manufacturing/quality/regulatory, and supply chain operations. If we suggest to bring in additional support experts with specific skills we will always inform our clients and obtain formal agreement prior to any associate personnel assignments.

Each of our partners is considered an expert in their specialty field, and speaks regularly at industry meetings. We all have, and continue to, work around the world, and conduct business in both the English and German languages.

Please get to know Partners better - simply click on a name to see our credentials and review our individual accomplishments.


Managing Partner:



Senior Partner:


Direct Contact Cell Numbers and Email addresses:

Dr. Ferdinando Aspesi

+1 484-447-6699 aspesi@baipharma.com

Mr. Roy T. Cherris

+1 609-903-1820 cherris@baipharma.com

Mr. Greg C. Guthrie

+1 908-294-8528 guthrie@baipharma.com

Ms. Doreen Newhouse

+49 (0) 176 442 53827 or  +1 978-270-8131 newhouse@baipharma.com

Mr. James B. Powers

+1 610-659-2094 powers@baipharma.com
Dr. Margit Schwalbe-Fehl +49 (0) 172 695 6643 schwalbe-fehl@baipharma.com

Or for general inquiries at:

General Office Telephone:
+1 609 688 0888

Office Fax:

+1 609 688 0802



*Partners Emeritus




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